blogging pains

I’ve had terrible trouble with our web hosting company. They seem to have lost the content of my blog. It’s a complicated thing, I won’t bore you with the details. The only thing that really annoys me it that they are not owning up to it. I mean shit happens. Data sometimes gets lost. It’s as much my fault as theirs for not doing regular back-ups. It’s been nearly two weeks now that I’ve been patiently waiting for them to reinstall from what I hoped they had (their back-up) but they are not forth coming. And during all this time I haven’t documented/blogged. more than anything else. If they had just said, sorry we screwed up, I’d just have got on with it. Instead I’m waiting to go back, waiting, waiting, waiting for them believing if I wait, they will fix.

This is so first world, it’s pathetic. I’ve decided to come back here for the time being.

I will try to makeup the missed posts from my DM entries. Just as well I hadn’t cancelled my account there all together.

Onwards and upwards.